Empower Our youth today with a

Healthy Lifestyle and Eating Habits!

Star Activewear is dedicated to providing youth with the opportunities to transform their

eating habits and lifestyle. Join us in working with Wellness In The Schools a youth charity organization in promoting nutritional healthy eating habits and active lifestyle changes among our youth. 


According to government research,  Almost one-third of youth and children population of the USA is either obese or overweight.  

At Stars Activewear, we cannot emphasize enough the importance of an active lifestyle and nutritious food choices. Our active wear is specifically designed for exercise and physical activities, stylish and motivating you to do a workout helping you to stay physically healthy.  

When you purchase any product from our collection,

Stars Activewear Donates 10% of our total monthly sales to wellnessintheschools.org


Please join our movement now 


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